Clean. Protect. Prolong
Clean. Protect. Prolong

Scratch Protection & Repair

Scratches are the worse and hardest to prevent from all the enemies of carbon fiber frames and parts.  Just a simple scratch and the entire structure of a bicycle could be compromised.


A very innocuous looking scratch or dent can have catastrophic results when it comes to carbon fiber.


As seen below, these small lesions, can become very damaging and cause the bicycle to fail, and brake, without any notice. This is the reason we have created our products with a blend of ingredients to help coat the bicycle while at the time resists the puncture of small stones and debris that can potentially scratch the frame and cause irreversible damage.


Image courtesy of Busted Carbon

Our Specialty products will coat and repair the existing surface scratches to prevent further deterioration while at the same time protect against the creation of new ones by repeling debris.

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