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CarbonPro and the Environment

Talking environmental sounds nice, intelligent and distinguished; well that's what was in Vogue; but to take the challenge of conserving our natural resources is something else. It doesn't just involve using safe products, but also the implementation of appropriate recycling systems that help prevent waste and save energy, and more importantly, educating the public on the benefits generated by conserving our natural resources. In other words, it’s everyone’s responsibility - a corporate and social responsibility. 


CarbonPro Sports has accepted the challenge and assumed this responsibility, accepting corporate financial costs required putting this responsibility in action.  Taking every possible eco-friendly environmental factor into consideration, we developed first-class formulas and dedicated ourselves to ensure our products are manufactured using systems with zero (0) release into the environment (both soil and into the atmosphere).


Our products are considered:


Green Products - Articles produced for the use or discard the resources offered by nature to degrade or integrate the environment in the most efficient and fastest possible measures while yielding the lowest negative impact on this.


Biodegradable - Solid or liquid in which the ingredients have the ability to integrate the environment biologically becoming H2O, CO2 or biomass a relatively short term.


Environmentally Friendly - Definition very important because a product may contain an ingredient biodegradable or acceptable under the name "Green Product", but may not be necessarily friendly to the environment in which the product is being used.


This is extremely important!! Although there are many products on the market that by definition may be biodegradable, it does not necessarily mean they are safe or recommended to use on bicycle frames and its components.


We at CarbonPro Sports are oriented and dedicated towards a better and safer environment. Therefore we believe it is our corporate responsibility to educate in a correct and accurate approach so that our customers understands what it means to be eco-friendly in terms of product quality, appropriate uses and disposal as it relates to their everyday cycling needs. 


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